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We are dedicated to the world of pen pals. Getting to know people in different places in the world is a great experience! It's both exciting and mind-expanding to learn about the life and culture of someone in a different part of the world. Some people like to look for pen pals closer to home too, with an eye on one of these pen pals turning into someone special. Most people don't mind paying if they are going to get value for money, but let's begin by examining possible sources of free pen pals.

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There are several potential sources of free pen pals. There are even sites that claim to offer free pen pals when there is no obvious means by which the site is supported. Plainly all websites have running costs. We believe a good place to look for free pen pals is at, which is part of one of the leading pen pals and relationships organisations online.

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Any pen pals organisation has costs associated with its online presence, so also offers paying memberships which include other customer benefits. However standard pen pals membership is free. Free standard pen pals membership enables you to receive and reply to emails from pen pals for free. You can see for yourself the potential pen pals waiting for you by clicking on the free 'search' button below, which will take you to the pen pals profiles:

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Can You Become A Better Friend After Taking A Friendship Quiz?
by Brian Fong

Q. Does a friendship quiz really work?

A. That depends upon what results you are seeking from a friendship quiz. If you are seeking to learn how to become a better friend, then the real results are found more in understanding the lessons that are hidden in the question rather than trying to pick the right answer. In fact, if the friendship quiz is well designed, the answer to each question will be very apparent without even having to guess.

There are certain well-defined traits that make a person a good friend, and there are other "variable" issues that get thrown into the mix.

Some of the well-defined traits include loyalty, honesty, the ability to listen, and the ability to understand your friend's feelings. A friendship quiz should give you a way to measure whether or not you have those traits.

These kinds of well-defined traits are easy to work into a friendship quiz. What's not so easy are the "variable" traits that I mentioned. For example, knowing when to "butt out" of your friend's business is a trait that no friendship quiz can measure. Likewise, knowing when to say "No" to a friend's request is another vague concept that no friendship quiz is likely to be able to quantify.

The real issue is: Do you actually need to take a friendship quiz to figure out if you are a good friend? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you think of the friendship quiz as a "checklist", then you can run down that checklist to see if you seem to be meeting the basic requirements.

However, if you "fail" the friendship quiz that doesn't mean that you aren't a good friend. A friendship quiz, like any quiz, has a built-in bias since it measures what the quiz's author thinks are valuable traits of friendship. The author may be all wrong in that the friendship quiz may measure things that aren't important to you and your friends.

My advice is to consider a friendship quiz as an "entertainment only" device and not something that will cause you to become a hermit if you don't score 100%.

The best friendship quiz is one that only your head and your heart knows the answers to. Treat your friends like you would want to be treated and you won't need a friendship quiz to keep score.

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Brian Fong
Quiz Faq - Your solutions for the quiz.

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